The story of Matt & Dori

We met at a concert one evening in Portland, OR and found that we had a mutual love for music, art, and adventure! We planned on our our first dates at Vine Gogh, a social painting studio in Portland. It was so much fun that we kept signing up for more classes. Some months passed and we began to plan our life together. Over dinner, we were chatting enthusiastically about a painting class when Matt's mom suggested something amazing... we should start our own studio!


I was born and raised in Iowa City, IA, and graduated from the University of Iowa with a Liberal Arts degree. My love for art and entertainment brought me to Las Vegas, NV where I worked for the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. We partnered with art institutions from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston to the Hermitage in Russia to bring masterpieces to the masses. Longing for somewhere more like home, I headed to the beautiful Portland, OR. My career in the art world continued with a retail management position at the Portland Art Museum. The ability to take a short break during the day and walk among paintings by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and other amazing artists was truly a dream come true. As I gained business experience, I wanted to take my career in an entrepreneurial direction. My next position as an independent sales representative for numerous home & gift manufacturers brought me into contact with many women -- who were pursuing their dreams of owning their own businesses. I knew I wanted to create a business where I could pour my heart and soul, but I just didn't know what shape it would take -- then I met Matt!


I was born and raised outside of Baltimore, MD. I traveled across the country to California for college and graduated with a Construction Management degree from Cal Poly in gorgeous San Luis Obispo, CA. I worked in California in project management for commercial construction companies in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara and eventually I accepted a position with a consulting firm in Portland, OR. Only five months after arriving for my new job and having only begun to see the sights and sounds of Portland, I met Dori.